Lufthansa brings loved ones together

I always had a soft spot for Lufthansa. And I have also been watching their forays into the world of social media since 2009 when they launched MySkyStatus which would tweet your flight movements while you were in the air (hence couldn’t tweet yourself). 


Nowadays some flights offer Wi-Fi (but it’s not worth it if it’s not free, right), but back in 2009 tweeting while you were up in the air was not the usual course of action. 

Because of what I do at work, I recently did some research into the airline industry, and some things I found is that Lufthansa is really good at adopting new technologies. For example, their mobile website experience is excellent, and, whilst playing around with it, I almost booked a flight to Berlin (I had to go with British Airways in the end, because Lufthansa sold out of the cheap flights to Germany, but no matter, I have a forthcoming review about my experience with Lufthansa). They have a great application as well, and, if I may be as bold to say it, a great browsing experience. The app never crashes. 


But enough of sounding like I was bribed by Lufthansa. I wasn’t, but I’m open to it in the future 😉 What made me smile today was 1) that many airlines that I was researching were doing a Valentine’s message. I suppose in our modern world where long distance relationships are becoming more and of a norm, this is a relevant message. 2) And that Lufthansa created an especially excellent experience that bridges my thirst for travel with missing my friends back in Canada. 


What could this be? Of course I tweet my best friend’s name in efforts to see what comes up. And what comes up is an automated message, replying back to me and her alongside a “boarding pass”:


It’s a pretty nifty thing. From a digital revenue point of view, it does nothing much. But it’s a nice touch. Whereas KLM, British Airways, Emirates Air, and even Virgin Atlantic were pushing pictures with hearts and planes in the air, Lufthansa took a more difficult – certainly more cost intensive, since some developing was involved – approach that, in my opinion, paid off in a more serious fashion. I was toying with the idea, but now will most certainly try to book a flight with Lufthansa to travel to Canada when I go home. 

Go Lufthansa!


Apologetic WestJet

I meant to write this a while back, when I first received the e-mail from WestJet. WestJet, a Canadian low cost (arguably) carrier, e-mailed everyone on the WestJet list and apologized about the new reservations system being glitchy. I personally didn’t notice the glitch as I haven’t been booking flights; also, I don’t see how the system is better than the old one.

So below is the first A note from our President. The company written and sent the second one, and the third one. Apologizing in advance may be an overkill at first, but it definitely softens a consumer’s heart when  he/she does indeed starting having problems booking holiday tickets. I think it’s great that their PR team mobilized and handled the communications so well and prevented an online/offline outburst from so many outspoken Canadians (myself included). See the full message below. And follow them on Twitter! And buy flights with them! Maybe we’ll even cross sky paths 😉

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