20 Things to Do in Bogotá Before I Die

By Andres/Karina

1. Start a fire
2. Mushrooms
3. Create and/or follow a riot
4. Kidnap a Colombian
5. Exchange more dollars
6. Drink aguardiente
7. Assault a midget
8. Go to a silent play
9. Get a tennis lesson at a country club
10. Eat ajiaco soup
11. Get a tarot card reading
12. See a cock fight
13. Go to a bull fight
14. Take photos of street art
16. Go to the Botero museum
17. Find nonexistent stamps in an attempt to send a postcard back
18. Haggle over an item at a flea market
19. Buy South American music records
20. Write a list of things to do in Bogotá before I die.